Aviation Fuel

We provide three grades of fuel (listed below), and strive to offer the LOWEST PRICES in the region: click here for current prices. CY Aviation is not able to offer self-service fuel pumps at this time; if fuel is required outside of normal business hours, please contact us in advance so we can accommodate your needs.

  • 100 LL
  • "Auto" (a blend consisting of 75% 87-octane and 25% 100LL)
  • Jet A

Current Rental Aircraft

CY Aviation currently offers the following aircraft for rental. Each aircraft is meticulously maintained, and prices shown below include the cost of fuel. Qualified pilots should call us to confirm availability and make a reservation.

Rental Aircraft
Restriction Manufacturer & Model Year Seats Price:C.I.A. /Cash or CC
IFR PA28-180 Piper Cherokee Archer 1974 4 $113/$118
VFR C-172 Cessna Skyhawk 1965 4 $93/$98

¹ Quoted price is per hour, as measured by the plane's Hobb's meter.

Flight Instruction

Flight instruction is available from CFI Dale Farnham for light sport pilot, private pilot and instrument rating. Please give us a call to visit with Dale about your flight training and ground schooling needs. Are you interested in learning to fly? You're in good hands with us: CY Aviation attracts students from all over our region. Check out our newly-minted pilots on our Facebook page.

Aeronca Champ flying over the Kate Shelley High Bridge west of Boone

Aircraft Maintenance

A&P IA certified chief mechanic Bob Jones provides all-around maintenance on piston-powered single- and multi-engine aircraft. This includes (but is not limited to):

  • 100-hour annual inspections
  • fabric and metal
  • minor paint work
  • interior replacement

Airport Amenities

Avariety of amenities are on offer at CY Aviation. Please feel free to make use of them during your visit:

  • a full-size courtesy car
  • free WiFi hotspot
  • cozy and tranquil pilots' lounge, with TV and DVD/VHS movie library
  • ultra-clean Men's and Women's restrooms
  • kitchenette with refrigerator, stove and microwave
  • coffee bar
  • desktop computer for flight planning and Internet access
  • conference room
  • light snacks and beverages for purchase